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XL Scream Xtreme Treat Dumbbell
Chanel | British Bulldog
Amazing is the only word I have for it. They are super strong & Chanel chews & chews with no bite marks!

– Bec (2020) –

Small Scream Xtreme Treat Bone
Henry & William | Dachshunds
They loved them and so far no teeth marks!!

– Jeff (2020) –

XL Scream Xtreme Treat Bone
Faith | Mastiff x Ridgeback
She LOVED the Scream Xtreme.
Took it straight away and started chewing.

– Eva (2020) –

XL Scream Xtreme Treat Dumbbell
Squiggle | Bull Arab
Squiggle, who never does treat things, LOVES her new Scream Dispenser.

– Mairi (2020) –

XL Scream Xtreme Treat Bone
Loki | German Shepherd
Loki’s favourite toy ❤️❤️❤️ with an almost 2 year old (still a puppy at heart) – finding something that lasts and isn’t easily destroyed can be difficult. However this Scream Xtreme toy is awesome! Loki is literally obsessed – it also floats too!

– Alira (2020) –

Med/Lge Scream Xtreme Treat Dumbbell
Marley & Bam, a Lab x Staffy and a French Bulldog. Marley has been chewing on this all afternoon and has not destroyed it at all.

– James (2020) –

Small Scream Xtreme Treat Dumbbell
Rossi, the Italian Greyhound, loved playing with the toy as it bounced erratically when thrown. It held his bull chew treat while he chewed it, which is better than me holding it!

– Helen (2020) –

XL Scream Xtreme Treat Bone
Great design, lasted really well with treats inside. Gave it to Nita the Labrador at 4pm and she was still going at about 10-11pm! Love the fact that it can be washed in the dishwasher. Makes it easy and quicker.

– Martika (2020) –

Medium/Large Scream Xtreme Treat Bone
We have a 6 month old border collie who quickly destroyed a few chew toys from another company that makes chew toys 👀 that can be stuffed with food. Like in one session. She’s had her Scream Xtreme for a week now and with daily use it still looks brand new!
Border_Patrol_Aus (Instagram) (2020) –

Large Scream Xtreme Treat Dumbbell
Dixie (Staffy) just LOVES this toy! The first couple of days she took it everywhere. It has actually lasted over a week with minimal damage! It is definitely standing up to her punishment. It’s so great to finally be able to get Dixie some toys that last!
– Kylie (2020) –

Scream Xtreme Treat Dumbbell
Starr (Bull Arab) was giving it a good workout. It was difficult to capture a still pic as she was in motion having a good play. Over a week later and she’s still interested in playing with it and the toy is still in perfect condition!
– Julie (2020) –

XL Scream Xtreme Treat Bone
Ellie is a 4 year old Belgian Malinois, I work her in dog sports she’s a high drive dog and loves to bite and chew. She found this toy to be lots of fun and enjoy munching on it.
– Lacey (2020) –

S & M/L Scream Xtreme Dumbbells
Tested with French Bulldog puppies at a pet store – Puppies enjoyed them! Still in tact after lots of play and they still smell nice!
– Jared (2020) –

Scream Xtreme Toy
Leo the Beagle’s owner filled it up with peanut butter and Ziwi Treats and froze it. At first he was a bit confused of what it was but quickly realised and spent the next hour or so just licking away at it. He came back to it a few points in the evening for a little bit more of a lick, eventually picking it up and bringing it to us, as if asking for us to fill it up again. Since then, we have used it as a play and treat you for him and even used it for our game ‘Find’, where we hide it and he has to sniff it out.
– Zack (2020) –

XL Scream Xtreme Treat Bone
FANTASTIC! Harley & Franklin, 17 month old Labrador puppies, LOVED this toy! They destroy everything but so far this toy is still going! Also had a Rottweiler puppy (2 years) give it his best shot at chewing it up and it is still fully intact. Haven’t needed to put treats in to get any of the interested either.
– Amanda (2020) –

Small Scream Xtreme Toy
Zeus, a Boxer x Rottweiler, is excited about the new toy, keeps him occupied for 20 minutes or so at a time. LOVES when kids throw so he can chase it down and return.
– Laurence (2020) –

XL Scream Xtreme Toy
Mort, a Staffy, loved it and carried it everywhere when he wasn’t fetching it from the dam or giving it a chew. Great Toy!
– Ann (2020) –

XL & Med-Lge Scream Xtreme Treat Bones & Dumbbells
Great Toys! Used in our Dog Daycare Centre (Various Dog Breeds) . The dogs liked them so much they wouldn’t share
– Brittney (2020) –

Small Scream Xtreme Toy
Dusty, the Dachshund, normally destroys all toys he is given and gave the toy a good try at destroying. It certainly withstood his destructiveness.
– Amanda (2020) –

Med-Lge Scream Xtreme Toys
Koda & Floyd, Border Collies, loved the products. Kept the dogs busy for a long time. Put frozen meats with Ziwi Peak treats.
– Jess & Chloe (2020) –

Small Scream Xtreme Toys
Both Ludo & Hoggle, a Moodle and a Shih Tzu cross, loved their toys. Chew for hours depending on the treats.
– Paul (2020) –

XL Scream Xtreme Dumbbell
Good for raw feeding & seems to do good for a strong chewer. Good for the pool as it floats.
– Dana (2020) –

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